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Liquidation Of Tangible Property, Jewelry, Diamonds, Fine Art, and Antiques

Have Items to Sell?

Through our in-house auction company,  we offer you a local venue to liquidate your valuable items. Specializing in the competitive sale of personal property through auctions, a venue which is favored by banks, law firms and executors for liquidation of estates and other personal property, we are able to customize each contract to your fiduciary needs with a competitive commission structure. As a premiere auction gallery in the Tampa Community, we serve the needs of the discerning collectors who wish to buy or sell fine art, antiques, and jewelry.

Utilizing the most up-to-date technology, an international internet following, and aggressive regional marketing, can encourage competitive bidding, insuring the highest prices paid and the best result for their clients. This medium has been a proven tool in maximizing exposure to leading dealers, designers and individual collectors’ worldwide.